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Fairy Tales

Page history last edited by Karyne 11 years, 6 months ago

Fairy Tales is an interactive fairy tale based off Hans Christian Anderson's collection of fairy tales.  The interactive story allows the reader limited control over the story primarily in the selection of names and who the main character will meet.  When the user completes the story, they are presented with the choice to change the ending and attain a sense authorship of their own compilation.

The interactive story was not as immersive as a typical fairy tale because the choices pause the story and call for user input; however, the story maintains a great deal of interaction.  Overall, the story is still proliferated by the original author rather than the user.
The site's design and writing style were strong accents to the presentation of a fairy tale. The style of writing rightfully matched the original fairy tales that the story was based off of. Initially, the story is very engaging by allowing the user to create a name for the main character, which helps place the user in a proper frame of mind to read the fairy tale.
The originally supplied epilogue was not worded as well as the rest of the story and appeared childish; the user is given the option to add onto the ending if they do not like it, but is limited a few lines and must include the originally written epilogue. The array of choices given to the reader throughout the story are ultimately trivial, producing no drastic changes in the story's meaning or impact on how the story progresses.  In the end, the user does not really attain authorship, but does gain a sense of satisfaction from the factors of interaction and carefree generation of the story in a Mad Libs style.

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